Risk of Flooding in Garden City revealed in new proposed maps

GARDEN CITY, Ga. – People who live in Garden City were able to check out new proposed flood maps Thursday at City Hall.  The maps were drawn by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) after input from area lawmakers and municipalities over the past few years. The bottom line for most people: am I in a flood zone that requires me to buy flood insurance?

Ron Alexander, the Garden City Building Safety Inspector says overall it’s actually good news for residents.  He says existing maps put about 35 percent of the city in a high risk flood zone but that new proposed maps lower the risk to 25 to 30 percent.  That means fewer people may be required to buy flood insurance although Alexander says having the coverage is always a good idea.

Peggye Edwards and her husband came to an open house today and found out their home is not in the food zone. But she told us she just bought flood insurance after seeing the devastating flooding in Louisiana.  “If it starts to rain there is no magic line to make it stop no matter the line on the map,” she told me.

Interested property owners who missed the open house can contact City Hall in Garden City.  You can also view the proposed maps online at FEMA.


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