Hilton Head teens help retirees with technology set-up

Hilton Head Island, SC (WSAV) – When the residents of Tidepointe retirement community on Hilton Head Island got their gadgets, they noticed something was missing.
“A syllabus or something to tell you how,” resident Chuck Miller said.
But this summer, five high school seniors took on the task of proving an old adage wrong.
“They’re teaching old dogs new tricks,” Miller said.
From simple cell phone set- up to organizing their social calendars, the guys show the residents how to navigate their technology and witness some beautiful moments while they’re at it.
“Seeing one Facetime with their great-grandchild for the first time was amazing,” Hilton Head High School Senior Phillip Evans said.
The lessons started as a way to fulfill community service hours for school.
They got hooked, though. The students are now nearly 200 hours over the class requirement and they aren’t slowing down.
“We want to expand it outside our community to high schools across the nation,” Michael Caramello said.
While working with their hands….something is happening in their hearts.
“I think it’s great- it almost makes me cry,” Miller stated.
It’s showing them what a little time with someone can do in this fast-paced world where it’s hard to slow down.
“I think it’s wonderful,” Miller said.
To learn more about the group, visit their website at http://www.youthtechnologyoutreachprogram.com

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