Latest on the Tropical Disturbance in the Northern Leeward Islands

Here are the latest computer model forecasts for low pressure for the disturbance over the northeast Caribbean Islands.

At 5pm… a strong tropical wave and broad area of low pressure is centered over the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico… but according to the latest hurricane hunter and radar/satellite data… the system lacks a well defined low level circulation.

Despite the fact it is not officially a tropical depression… winds to tropical storm force have been seen in the northern Leeward Islands and coastal waters.

Here is the latest satellite image and position of the system.

Over the next couple of days… the system could become a tropical depression or tropical storm despite atmospheric conditions being only marginally favorable for development.

As we move into the weekend… conditions are expected to improve for development as the system moves across the southeast and central Bahamas.

Beyond this weekend… into next week… the forecast becomes highly uncertain.

Storm Team 3 will continue tracking the storm and let you know about any changes. Detailed information can be found at

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