YFACE Savannah Health Walk Invitation

The benefits of physical activity and walking will be reinforced on Saturday.
Youth for a Cleaner Environment want you to make your health a priority.
You can start by getting in motion with them at the Healthy Kids Walk and Wellness Fair.
Janice James sprung into action 8 years ago when she heard the problems obesity cause among children in Savannah.
“It really hit me when some of the kids when so many kids in the organization were affected by high blood pressure and diabetes and heart problems and things of that nature.  Those diseases that normally affect adults.  That’s when I said no it’s time to do something about it.”

Her choice, attack obesity by increasing awareness.
That got businesses and organizations thinking about the need and power of knowledge
y-face members recently connected with the earth to start a community garden where they will eat what they grow.
“I’ve seen them take a change in their diet…be more conscious of what they eat.  As an adult I try to help them also and then in turn their family can help them too.”
YFACE Healthy Kids Walk and Wellness Fair starts at 9:00 Saturday morning in Forsyth Park at the bandshell.

Kids completing the walk will receive school supplies and bike helmets.

You can also take advantage of free health screening, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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