Multiple Storms Brewing in the Atlantic

As we move into the most active part of Atlantic Hurricane Season, we are now tracking multiple storms at the same time. We’ve been talking about Fiona the last couple days which was a tropical storm at its peak, then weakened to a tropical depression, and is now just a remnant area of low pressure. There are two other storms that we are now watching, one of which has the potential to have some impact on the Southeastern United States late this weekend into next week.

Tropical Storm Gaston: Winds have increased to 65 mph as of 11 am Tuesday, just 9 mph shy of a category 1 hurricane. In fact, it may be upgraded to a hurricane later today or some time on Wednesday. It was located about 685 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands and moving west-northwest at 21 mph. Gaston will likely turn toward the northwest and slow down in the next couple of days, posing no imminent threat to land.

Invest 99-L:   Invest is simply a name given to a tropical wave that is being monitored for future development. This particular one is located a few hundred miles east of the Leeward Islands. Right now, it is pulling in a lot of dry air ahead of it, preventing it from becoming a tropical storm or hurricane, but conditions are expected to become more favorable as this system moves toward Hispaniola and the Bahamas.

From there, it is possible for some impact on the Southeast, most likely Florida, but lots of forecast details remain uncertain regarding the track and strength of the storm. At a minimum, it does bear watching over the next couple of days. Hurricane Hunters will be investigating this system today.


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