SCMPD Hopes Money Makes a Difference in Murder Tips

Three shootings and three robberies in less than three days in Savannah.

They all happened from Friday night to Sunday night in what police are calling the “historically violent” corridor of Central precinct, from Anderson to Victory and Bull street to MLK.

Chief Lumpkin wants to make violence like that a thing of the past by catching the criminals, and he’s using cash to do it.

“We need to get them,” said Chief Lumpkin. “We plan to get them”

“Them” the Chief is talking about the people responsible for the 35 murders this year in Savannah.
Two of those happened this weekend alone.

One suspect behind bars for a Friday night shooting, 22 year old Brandon Fuller. Fuller is accused of shooting and killing 29 year old Daniel Landy.

A Saturday night fight between two women sent both to the hospital, one with a life threatening gunshot wound.

Another suspect opened fire on West 37th street Sunday night. That shooter is still on the loose.

SCMPD is now offering $10,000 to someone who helps bring that criminal, or any of the unsolved murder suspects in Savannah, to justice.

“We must as a community break away from the philosophy that if citizens give information they are snitching,” said Cpt Ashley Brown, head of SCMPD’s End Gun Violence program. “They are not doing that, they are helping.”

Information that police hope will lead to arrests in three robberies this weekend.

All are connected. All believed to be by the same group of people.

11pm Friday night at Whitefield square, three men robbed a man playing Pokemon Go.

11:30pm, a carjacking at Drayton and East Charlton. At 3:15am a home invasion on East Park Avenue.

“We think that type of money may very well move some of those individuals and give us the evidence we need to prosecute those perpetrators,” said Chief Lumpkin. “There’s a citizen out there who knows who they are. they are bringing money home, jewelry home, that they know it doesn’t belong to the young men or women who have them”.

Money isn’t the only new weapon in this fight. SCMPD is creating a Cold Case squad. Seven retired investigators back on the force part time to look at case with new eyes, and with new equipment.

“We know each day there are new scientific methods being used, we will look to see iof thsoe scientific methods could be used to solve that case,” said Lt David Barefield, head of SCMPD’s Cold Case Squad.

Solving the case is everyone’s goal. It can only be reached one tip at a time.

“I hope it makes a great deal of difference<‘ said Captain Brown. “But more than that I hope people doing the right thing will make a difference. There’s never a bad time to do the right thing.”

That $10,000 is not coming from the current police budget. The city of Savannah has stepped up to pay this increased reward. But they will only be paying out for and arrests and convictions.

If you want to help- call Savannah-Chatham Metro Police or make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers at (912) 234-2020.

You can send an anonymous tip through the Savannah Crimestoppers website:
just click on the Report Anonymously link.

Investigators hope the community will answer the call and that extra cash will get the phones ringing.

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