Sailors stranded at sea for four months finally headed home

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The crew of sailors who have been stuck off the coast of Tybee since mid-April finally knows when it’s going home… Sort of.

The crew of non-citizens must be escorted by armed guards from the Port of Savannah to the Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. Customs & Border Patrol has to process paperwork for each crewman first, and due to a staffing shortage, can only process 8 sets of paperwork per day. CBP plans to start Friday, but the ship’s custodian didn’t know if paperwork could be processed over the weekend.

That could mean the first half of the crew gets to start home Friday, while the rest has to wait until Monday.

We first told you about the Newlead Castellano and her crew in July. The ship had been anchored since April 19th when an international bank foreclosed on the loan and it was seized by federal agents.

The bank’s custodian made sure the ship had supplies. But none of the crew are US citizens, they don’t have US visas and couldn’t come ashore until the ship was sold and a new crew was aboard.

The ship was auctioned on the steps of the federal courthouse in Savannah on August 8th. Dry Cargo Chartering bought the ship for $7.4 Million.

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