Officers can’t tell the difference between real or fake guns

WOODRUFF, S.C. (WSPA) – BB guns are being made to look more realistic, leaving officers fearful when they see them on teenagers.

Last week, Woodruff Police Officers pulled a BB pistol off a 13-year-old. That had metal casings that held BB’s.

But Woodruff isn’t the only place this has been an issue. SWAT was called in Anderson County in early August, after a teen was seen walking in tactical gear with a long gun. It turned out the teen was playing with his airsoft rifle.

Woodruff Police Chief Alan Bledsoe says it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference at first glance. New BB guns don’t have the orange paint on the barrels, and manufacturers are hiding the CO2 canisters, which were easier to spot for police.

The BB guns are cheap, usually less than a $100 bucks and all it takes is an ID saying you’re 18 to buy one.

Bledsoe says if your child has a realistic BB gun, parents should talk about the responsibility those hold.

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