Morning routines set the tone for a day of learning

(WFLA) — It’s that critical time between the alarm clock and the first school bell, and it can really set the tone for the entire day. Setting and sticking to a good morning routine not only gets you out the door on time, but it can keep the stress level down before the kids hit the classroom.

Tampa mom, Brandi Jackson, gets up before 5 a.m. That gives her time to get to the gym before the chaos begins and her kids get ready for school.

“I started a long time ago making them set their own alarms. That was part of our routine. They have to allow themselves enough time to get up, make their beds, get dressed then come downstairs,” said Jackson.

Her kids are in high school, so they know the drill when it’s time to get ready for school. says teaching younger kids how to get ready by themselves is a good goal. One way to accomplish this is to make a chart that shows everything kids need to do in the morning. Another tip is to pick a special spot for backpacks, books, and other supplies and label those spots. That way, there is less running around to find things at the last minute.

TV can also help move the morning along. By listening for weather and traffic you can be constantly updated on the time.

“TV is definitely key once the kids are up. It’s sort of our time keeper because they know if you come on with the weather or if the the traffic comes on, it’s this time, and we need to be out the door,” said Jackson.

In a house with multiple younger kids, suggests letting them take turns being the morning leader.

As always, a good morning routine starts with a good evening routine. Make lunches and, if possible, breakfast the night before. Make sure homework is done early enough so kids can go to bed on time. Finally, get the entire family to work together on the morning routine.

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