Cell phone use is putting our troops at risk

MASON CITY, Iowa- As technology continues to advance, it also could create new forms of distractions for those serving our country.

Marine Corps Recruiter Sgt. Jeremy Spaunhorst said there’s rules in place to prevent military plans from being compromised from items such as a cell phone.

“When we go out to do a training exercise, (when) we go out to the field for a week or a couple days, we tend to leave our electronics back home,” said Spaunhorst.

Spaunhorst said leaving electronics at base is more than just cell phone etiquette, but to prevent distractions that could turn into something worse.

“They can pin point where you’re at with a GPS.”

Spaunhorst said those in the military follow Operation Security rules, which means staying as private as possible.

“Not kind of putting all your business out there on social media, to where people know exactly when you’re doing it and what you’re doing,” said Spaunhorst.

Vietnam veteran Ernie L. Martinez said those currently in the military need to know when and when not to use cell phones.

“If someone forgot to put it on silent mode or vibrate mode and it went off, and it’s night time, you’re giving away your position,” said Martinez. “I just cant imagine any marine doing that, to put himself, his squad or his family in danger by even having a cell phone.”

Spaunhorst said Morale Welfare and Recreation area (MWR) is a place those in the military have access to computers, phones and hookups to the internet, when the time is appropriate.

“When we’re done with our mission, when we’re done doing our training or whatever were doing, we can come back to the base where we’re safe and we’re behind walls. It’s a central location where we can contact our families, where we can play video games.”

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