Pet Rescue takes more than 60 from Effingham and Chatham County shelters

CHATHAM, EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – One Love rescue of Savannah is marking a major milestone rescuing more than sixty animals from shelters in Chatham and Effingham counties.

They will transport more than sixty animals to Virginia.

“It seems that other communities are for lack of other extra dogs and so we’re really going to fulfill that in other communities so that they’ll have more animals for adoption,” says Chatham County Animal Services Director, Kerry Sirevicius

Effingham county animal control is left with one dog and a handful of cats after one love animal rescue’s pick up. The rescue service is taking the pets from Effingham and Chatham county animal control shelters up north to no kill shelters.

“It’s amazing to us to think that any shelter is in need of animals just due to our overpopulation down here, however they thought we had really fantastic animals and they had room so we will send them as many as they will take,” says One Love Animal Rescue Co-founder and President Carrie Bulski

This marks the largest rescue transport One Love has ever taken on.

“To get this many lives out in a week time is very rewarding, it’s definitely why we are here. It’s exhausting but it’s totally worth it,” Bulski says.

Bulski came across a family from West Virginia that suggested they make the move to bring these pets up north. It’s now a trip that could lead to forever homes and at the very least, a longer life.

“This can be a depressing job when you’re having to euthanize so many animals so when we get something this big it’s very exciting for us that they’re going to move forward and be able to find forever homes,” says Effingham County shelter director Lorna Shelton.

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