Jerry Sandusky denies at hearing that he molested boys

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (WHTM) – Jerry Sandusky took the stand at an appeals hearing Friday and said he did “absolutely not” sexually abuse young boys.

“The idea is disgusting and dirty to me,” Sandusky said during his one-hour testimony at the Centre County Courthouse. “I never did that with anybody.”

Sandusky is trying to overturn his 45-count conviction. The 72-year-old says his former lawyers didn’t represent him properly during his 2012 trial.

The former Penn State assistant football coach also told a judge his former attorney, Joe Amendola, gave him no guidance before an NBC television interview with Bob Costas. In the interview, Sandusky admitted to “horsing around” and showering with kids, but he denied he committed any crimes.

“All you have to say is that you are innocent, that’s the extent of what I was expecting,” he told the judge.

Sandusky also addressed his decision not to testify on his own behalf at trial. He told the judge he wanted to testify, but his attorneys decided against it because his “former son” had “flipped”. His adopted son, Matt Sandusky, made allegations of abuse outside court at the time of trial.

Sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years for sexually abusing 10 boys. He lost previous appeals to the state Superior and Supreme courts.


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