Georgia Democrats: Polls say we can turn State Blue, republicans say it’s a Pipe Dream

Friday marks the end of another work week of campaigning in the 2016 presidential election.  Critics of Donald Trump’s labeled it another tumultuous week for the republican presidential candidate From remarks about the 2nd Amendment which Hillary Clinton supporters claimed were aimed at inciting violence against her to a letter from 50 republican security officials who said Trump would be a “reckless” president, democrats in Georgia pounced.

“It’s a question of character and temperament,” said State Representative Stacey Abrams, who is the minority leader in the House.

Abrams cited two recent polls that had Hillary Clinton leading in this red state, one giving Clinton a 4 percent point lead over Trump and another giving her a 7 point lead, “And what we’ve been saying to the Hillary Clinton people from the outset is that Georgia is a competitive state. That means those polls are reflecting a population that sees progressive values available here in Georgia,” says Abrams.

But republicans pointed to what they says is just the tiniest of margins for Clinton.  An average of five polls has head leading by just one percentage point. “You know, democrats continue to create this narrative and I think they’re actually starting to believe their own hype but the numbers don’t show true,” said Ryan Mahoney of the Georgia Republican Party.

Mahoney says democrats claimed they could turn Georgia “Blue” in 2012 and 2014 too but it never happened. He also charged that in the two polls which show Clinton leading that African American voters were over sampled and that republican voters were under sampled.

“Georgia’s a Red state, it’s going to be a Red state and we have the infrastructure in place to assure that Donald Trump’s elected as our president,” said Mahoney.

Mahoney defended Trump 2nd Amendment remarks saying Trump was not telling supporters to pull out their guns, but was telling them to make sure to vote in November.

“I think Donald trump is a great candidate, he has tons of support in Georgia,” said Mahnoey. “Obviously, the media likes to attack him on all sorts of things you know whether it’s about comments last night or the week before. All I know is we’re united to try to make sure Trump gets elected.”

For those keeping track, a democratic presidential candidate has not won Georgia since 1992.  Ironically, that was Bill Clinton.

Still, Abrams believes it’s possible for Hillary Clinton.  “I think we are better positioned than North Carolina was in 2008 when President Obama won that in state.  So we believe that Hillary Clinton will be successful in Georgia in 2016,” she told me.

Abrams also says Hlllary Clinton is stepping up her campaign Georgia.  But Mahoney says “republicans have the practice and the infrastructure to get out the vote which is what will count the most.”

Mahoney also dismissed any idea that recent polls could indicate problems for republican candidates down the line like Senator Johnny Isakson who is seeking re-election. He says Isakson remains popular among republicans but also has some democratic support as well.

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