Weekend Sports Anchor Kimberly Sears Tries Trampoline Gymnastics

Savannah, GA – As the 2016 Rio Olympics are underway many gather around the TV to watch the prime time sports. But what about those sports that may not be so common to many Olympic fanatics? Weekend sports anchor Kimberly Sears decided to try out Trampoline Gymnastics, which was introduced in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Trampoline gymnasts do many of the same flips and rotations that you’ll see in a floor gymnastics routine.

The main difference in Trampoline Gymnastics is obviously the trampoline, but also the precision of landing in the same spot and the amount of height in the air. Most trampoline gymnasts can reach up to 8 meters, which is around 26 feet. Check out the video to see if Kimberly Sears is Olympic ready.


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