UPDATE: New Savannah City Manager Talks to News 3

New Savannah City Manager Rob Hernandez

Passionate, driven, focused, active and engaged.

Those are the words Rob Hernandez used to describe himself and his work ethic.

The future Savannah City Manager and current Deputy County Manager in Broward County, Florida has also worked with governments in Coral Springs, Florida and Fulton County, Georgia.

Savannah's Mayor and City Council announces choice of new City Manager, Rob Hernandez
Savannah’s Mayor and City Council announces choice of new City Manager, Rob Hernandez

Hernandez touts working with more than 5500 employees and a budget of $4.2 billion in Broward County.

He can also boast working with law enforcement, marketing campaigns, the military and as a firefighter.

Hernandez told News 3 via phone his next step.. and biggest test will be right here in Savannah.

“When someone asks me why Savannah. I say why not Savannah?” said Hernandez.

“I think the only way you know what the issues are is actually by talking to folks and whether its business leaders, employees, residents, business owners. My first task is to go in, say hello and 2nd is to listen attentively.”

“(I told city council) If they were looking for someone who was going to be sitting behind a desk that i was not their guy. I’m a firm believer you can’t lead from behind a desk. you have to get out there in the community, you have to get your hands dirty, roll up your sleeves. The only way I’m going to get to know what the criminal justice problems are and by sitting in a patrol car, not necessarily riding with the police chief, but with officers on the beat, spending time in a fire truck.”

“I’m going to give them 120%. I”m going to hit the ground running and then going to work hard, work long.”

Mayor Pro-tem Carol Bell believes Hernandez will shake things up at City Hall.

“I was impressed he studied our organization and the way we do services and I suspect that after a while he’s going to look at an assess how well we are deliver services in current structure,” explained Bell. “I expect changes, I expect him to fill some voids and assess the number of employees are appropriate as plays to who does what, our structure.”

Hernandez has agreed to take the position and is working on a multi year contract with the city.

He will replace current City Manager Stephanie Cutter, who will stay on for a year as a consultant.


SAVANNAH, Ga. – Savannah Council members selected a new City Manager to replace Stephanie Cutter.

Rob Hernandez, Deputy County Manager for Broward County will serve as the new manager.

According to Broward County’s website, Hernandez is an ICMA-Credentialed Manager with more than twenty years of progressive and responsible local government management experience.

He re-joined Broward County in July 2013 as Deputy County Administrator. Previously, he served as Deputy City Manager for the City of Coral Springs overseeing various city functions as well as the city’s community redevelopment agency.

Prior to Coral Springs, he served as Deputy County Manager for Fulton County, Ga., where he oversaw public safety agencies, unincorporated area services, the Office of the Child Attorney, offender reentry program, and coordinated with the County’s constitutional and judicial agencies. He previously served Broward County in a variety of capacities from 1994 through 2008, including serving as an Assistant to the County Administrator from November 2003 to June 2008.

Hernandez retired from the U.S. Army Reserves in 2008 after a 23-year career, most recently serving as a senior instructor in civil-military operations.

Rob Hernandez
Rob Hernandez (Courtesy: broward.org)



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