Our Hometown: ELC hosts 12th annual Breakthrough Celebration

The school year is just getting started and one local organization wants to make sure area families are on the right track.
This weekend, Savannah’s Educational Leaders for Change will host its 12th annual ELC Breakthrough Celebration.
The three day event encourages parents, families, and friends to take a stand and “get involved” with children at home, at school, and in the community.

This Saturday, August 13, from 4 to 6 p.m., the organization will hold a Parental and Youth Involvement Symposium/Education & Information Session at the ConEd. Building on MLK Blvd. The Focus: “A Courageous Conversation About Race.” They’ll also give away free school supplies and uniforms.

Sunday, August 14, is “Family Bonding and Fellowship Day.” Families across the community are encouraged to spend time connecting and building close relationships.

Monday, August 15, join ELC in participating in the 18th Annual National “CITIES IN LIGHTS DAY.” All motorists are asked to drive with their lights on throughout the day and turn your porch lights on in support of “Positive Parental Involvement.”

For more information, contact Dr. Patricia Harris at 912.354.2273.

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