Armstrong State University Police Department trains officers with Tasers ahead of new school year

Kurtis Purtee, the Patrol Lieutenant and Instructor of Armstrong State University Police, showing campus officers how to use their new tasers just ahead of the first day of classes on Monday, August 15th, 2016.


If you’re a college student, that means you’ll be heading back to campus pretty soon and some of you will be going back armed, with stun guns or Tasers.

A new law passed last month, making electroshock weapons legal on public college campuses and now one local university is doing their part to prepare.

News 3’s Courtney Cole visited the campus to see how.

Students will be back in class at Armstrong State University in a few days.

But for police officers on campus, class is already in session.

They’re being trained on how to use their new Tasers.

During training, Kurtis Purtee, the Patrol Lieutenant and Instructor, teaches them everything from how to hold the gun, to where they should point and shoot.

“They’re getting some hands-on experience with it to learn how to use it, when to use—basically the functionality of it,” Purtee told News 3.

Officers are also being Tased during the class.

“Basically what we want to do is we want to make sure the officers understand exactly how this tool works. So that when they go to use the tool in the field, they’ve got a good understanding of what the tool’s capable of doing and how it affects the body,” said Purtee.

And in Officer David Vales’ case, the effect wasn’t anything pleasant.

“You don’t want to get tased…I can tell you that much,” Vales said.

But Purtee and Vales say they’re just happy to have another way to keep students safe.

“It’s another tool that allows us to save a life and it’s another tool that allows us to deal with an individual without them getting hurt…maybe as they would have before with pepper spray, a baton or being physical with that individual.”

Click here to learn more about the new law and to hear the story of a student who will be carrying a stun gun this school year:

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