Young boy’s finger stuck in fork for toddlers

THOMPSON’S STATION, Tenn. (WKRN) – When her son’s finger became lodged in a fork designed for toddlers, a mother became very concerned.

Mother-of-two Heather Northcutt said she knew the consequences as she is a nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

“The circulation was compromised, so I was afraid he could lose his finger,” she told News 2.

The incident happened Monday morning as Northcutt’s son William was eating breakfast when he grabbed her attention.

“All of the sudden he is going, ‘Mama! Mama!’ and turning his hand,” said Northcutt.

When she couldn’t simply pull the fork off his finger, the situation got worse.

“His finger was purple and starting to swell. It was swelling like a mushroom and it was hard,” said Northcutt.

That’s when William’s older sister ran outside and called her uncle for help.

“I went out and got my best pair of rusty snips. I got in there and made sure I wasn’t going to get his finger; it took me three snips to get it, and then it came off,” said William Shaw.

When the concerned mother posted on Facebook what happened to her son, she was surprised how many parents commented. Some of them said they had the exact same utensil set.

Northcutt sent the company, called Skip Hop, an email about what happened.

As of Tuesday morning, she hadn’t heard back from the company. Tuesday afternoon, News 2 called Skip Hop. And later Tuesday, Northcutt received the following reply:

Hi Heather,

How is your son doing?

boy fork 2

We were sorry to hear about your experience with one of our products. We take safety very seriously and make it a point to follow all guidelines throughout our design process. We also use certified third-party labs to confirm our compliance, as they have the correct equipment and expertise to perform all tests according to the prescribed methodologies.

That said, we would like to study the product in question. At your convenience, please send it to us at the address below via FedEx and you the “bill to recipient” option.

P.S. – To make it up to you, we would also like to replace this with another toy or product of your choosing. Feel free to email or call us at the number above.

News 2 checked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and currently there are no formal complaints on the product on file.

The commission recommends that the Northcutts file a formal complaint so the incident is on record.

“We are fine; he is fine. He didn’t have to go to the doctor, but it was still very scary,” said Northcutt.

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