Savannah City Council could make decision on New City Manager Wednesday

Stephanie Cutter just before meeting was broke to go into executive session

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – We may know who will be the next city manager for the city of Savannah before the week is out.

Tuesday the search committee met one last time before council members will come together as a whole to talk about candidates.

City council is expected to meet Wednesday afternoon.

Seven months ago city manager Stephanie Cutter went before council and announced her retirement from the position. Since then the search has been on for a replacement and that search may end this week.

Last week the city manager search committee interviewed four candidates for the position. Tuesday afternoon that committee met one last time to talk about the candidates and most likely settle on a pair they want to introduce to the council to take over the post.

Cutter has held the position for almost four years. Search committee members are happy with where they are with the group of candidates.

“I think we had a great meeting the other day and I think we had a great meeting with all of the candidates. We’ve got a great group and any one of them can lead the community it’s just down to selecting who that will be and I look forward to making it happen,” says Savannah Mayor Eddie Deloach.

City council will meet around 5 Wednesday to discuss and potentially put to a vote which one of the candidates they will hire to be the new Savannah city manager.

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