A sign of the times? Michigan ad pokes fun at presidential race

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s not often that a real estate sign attracts attention beyond potential buyers, but a sign in the 4700 block of 44th Street in Wyoming was doing just that Monday.

“We just had to stop and get a picture,” said Mary Koepnick.

“It’s a good laugh, good attention-getter,” added her husband, Skip.

The sign features caricatures of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and reads “Moving to Canada? I’ll sell your house!” It includes another caricature of Five Star Realtor Ron Oostveen and his phone number.

While polls suggest there are plenty of people unhappy with their presidential options, Oostveen says the message behind the sign is to not take things too seriously.

“The fact that we’re all a little bit frustrated and we can’t do anything about it,” added Oostveen. “We’re going to make it through this.”

Taking a political stand when you’re in business can be risky; Oostveen tried to cover all his bases with caricatures of both candidates.

So far, he says the reaction’s been mostly chuckles.

“Yeah, I’m getting a few calls on it, and it’s mostly positive,” said Oostveen. “Actually, 99 percent of the people are having fun with it.”

And if humor, not political discord, is Oostveen’s message, then the sign appears to be working.

“So far it’s been a good laugh!” says Joel Breedveld, another passerby who stopped to take a look.

Oostveen says look for more of the signs to pop up at other sites around Kent County.

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