Savannah Council reverses decision on buying fairgrounds

In a surprising reversal, the Savannah City Council this morning voted to not buy the fairgrounds property at the asking price of about $2.9 million dollars.

At its Thursday afternoon meeting the council voted 5 to 4 to refuse the asking price with the majority saying it was too high.

Many in the Feiler Park Neighborhood Association expressed disappointment because the City had promised to try to put up affordable housing and more recreational facilities for neighborhood children and especially teens. The Association also worried what kind of project might be put up if the land went to a private developer.

Today, after a closed session, the council reversed itself voting 8 to 1 to buy the property at its asking price. Councilman John Holmes attributed the turn around to “prayer and the council finally coming together.”

Councilman Van Johnson said there had been  lot of frank discussion since the vote yesterday saying he and others had pressed the issue that the city had to do more than just “talk about affordable housing. We had to do something to try to help people.”

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