Cocaine dealing mom sentenced in federal court

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. – A Liberty County mother who left here children along with drug dealers who were cooking crack, was sentenced in Federal court, according to the States Attorney

32-year-old Timecka Green will serve 10 years in Federal prison for her role in a drug trafficking conspiracy that operated in Liberty County.

Green was convicted in May for conspiracy to make and sell cocaine and crack cocaine as well as other crimes.

The States Attorney’s Office says Green’s 15-year-old daughter called her grandmother in New York for help because fumes from the drug operation were making her and here siblings sick.  The grandmother informed the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office of the operation and deputies searched the home.

They found the home filled with children and drug supplies.  400 grams of powder cocaine and 30 grams of crack cocaine were seized along with multiple scales, cutting agents and a cocaine press.

The children were 15, 13, 8, 5, 2, and 6-months-old.  Detectives also found a small child’s school uniform pants, covered in cocaine powder, on a table in the living room, next to a razor blade, next to a baby play pen.

Trial testimony revealed that on over 20 separate occasions, Green allowed drug dealers to cook and package crack for re-sell in her home.  In exchange, she received cocaine for resale or money.

After her arrest, Green made phone calls from jail where she stated that if she saw her daughter she would cut her throat.

Others who were arrested were 35-year-old Larron Bruce, who received 170 months of incarceration,  and 55-year-old Willie Nelson Bruce, who received 57 months of incarceration.

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