Girl battling brain-eating amoeba has Beaufort ties

The 11-year-old girl fighting for her life against a rare brain-eating amoeba has Beaufort ties. NEWS 3 is learning more about Hannah Collins. On Thursday, the Beaufort community flooded Facebook with Collins’ photo, a link to her ‘Go Fund Me‘ page, and to the ‘Prayers for Hannah Katherine‘ page a family member started. Some Riverview Charter School parents remember Collins as their child’s classmate several years ago.

Collins is believed to have contracted the amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, while swimming in the Edisto River in Charleston County on July 24. Doctors say it is very rare, found only in fresh water and only contracted when jumping feet-first into the water with enough force to send the amoeba up the nasal cavity into the brain.

On the ‘Prayers for Hannah Katherine‘ Facebook page on Thursday morning, family posted this update:

“Dear, dear friends and strangers alike. This morning’s report is that the brain pressure is the highest and is threatening her life. Our family is together with her mother, myself, grandparents and family friends. We know you are with us too. Thank you for your continued hopes and prayers and keep them coming.”

Many have shared and donated to the family’s ‘Go Fund Me‘ page, too. The family writes, “I am sure you have all seen the news by now. Hannah Katherine has a brain eating amoeba and is fighting for her life. She is 11 years old. Money being raised will help support Hannah and her family. She is the daughter of a single mother that works in the medical field and solely supports Hannah and her little brother.  The family is currently at the Ronald McDonald house but will have many bills in their future as well as lost wages. Hannah’s aunt Caroline Crockett has been in the Charleston Hospitality industry for 15 years. From Caroline Crockett, her aunt: ‘Friends, I need you. Please pray for my 11-year-old niece. She is in ICU at MUSC with a rare and unbelievable condition. An amoeba has gone up her nose canal and attacking her brain. We have all the meds from the CDC but we need a miracle. Hannah Katherine needs you and your friends and family to pray to beat this! Thank you.'”

NEWS 3 reached out to the director of Riverview Charter School, but phone call and emails have not yet been returned.

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