News 3 hears from Students, their likes and dislikes about starting a new school year

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) – All weekend long moms, dads, and students have been getting ready for the new school year.

A new school year means a new change for students across coastal Georgia and the South Carolina lowcountry. So what are some things kids are looking forward to heading back?

We found a lot of kids who love numbers.

“Math and studying science.” says elementary school student Angel Drayton

“What are you most looking forward to? “Math,'” says Maurice Brown who will be entering the 2nd grade.

“Listening and learning and concentrating,” says 2nd grader Montranise.

Most kids we caught up with are looking forward to the learning part for sure. we did hear some other interesting likes kids have going back to school.

“My education, no bullying in schools, a drug free school environment and having a good time learning,” says Niakal Moore who will be entering the 5th grade.

We then turned the questions around to ask what they do not like about going back to school, that’s when the answers got fun.

“What is something that you wish you could avoid heading back?? ‘Geometry,'” says 4th grader Adam Green.

“You don’t like gym? ‘Don’t like gym, I like art,'” says Lee Tyson.

In the end Savannah students seemed to be excited to head back to class. Several schools start back Monday the 1st, and there are some other schools that will begin classes on Tuesday. Here is a comprehensive list for those start dates.

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