July 2016 third hottest on record in Savannah

Sizzlin' hot summer in Savannah

As we are all aware, it has been a hot summer, and an especially hot July, but it really depends on how you look at it as to whether it has been unusually hot.  On one hand, the average high for the entire month of July through July 30 was 96.7 degrees – nearly 4 degrees above average.  On the other hand, we have not broken any daily record highs and have only hit 100 degrees on two days, which is fewer than average for the Savannah area.  Then again, Saturday marked the 39th consecutive day the high temperature in Savannah has reached 90 degrees or hotter and the 60th day thus far in 2016.  All of that said, the proof is in the averages, and this month’s average high of 96.7 ranks third all time for the Savannah metro area.  The hottest July on record was 1993 with an average high of 98.0 with second place occurring in 1986 when the average high temperature in Savannah was 97.0 degrees.

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