Young Democrat leader seeks unity, strong leader

One Savannah Young Democrat offers his perspective on the 2016 election.

The 2016 Presidential Election is one for the history books.

Antwan Lang knows the importance first hand.

At 22 he is already a budding member of the Young Democrats and currently running for Soil and Water District Supervisor.

The Savannah State Junior has seen his own trials which is why this cycle he is voting for Hillary Clinton.

“I’m adopted. I’m a foster child. I know what it’s like to be in that system. And I know from watching her behavior that she cares about every young boy and girl,” Lang said.

While he acknowledges Clinton comes with controversy, he stands by his decision after looking within himself.

“‘Let ye without sin throw the first stone.’ None of us have a right to throw those stones whether it’s at our presidential nomination Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, or even Donald Trump,” Lang said.

For those voters who are still undecided, he offers a word of advice.

“Voting for the lesser of two evils? Vote your conscious,” Lang said. “Vote what you believe, which person you believe will do the best job.”

Which means doing ‘the best job’ with help of others.

“Although we have differences in how those policies should be created, if you think that you can do a better job, come work with me and make it better,” Lang said.

Including calling for the bettering of his own party.

“Just because we campaigned against one another doesn’t mean we can’t be mutually about the same thing,” Lang said.

An olive branch in this nature Lang hopes to see from Clinton in her acceptance speech and in a potential presidency.

“I think the expectations are unification. That’s the first thing,” Lang said. “You can’t fight for policies, you can’t fight ISIS, you can’t protect our nation without unification.”

It’s not just a national election on his mind.

“Whatever happens at the state or rather the federal level, I still gotta take care of home,” Lang said. “I gotta vote up and down the ballot for people who are gonna make sure for people who are going to look after the people and not themselves.”

Lang is working with the Young Democrats to engage young voters, and future voters, in order to get people involved in the democratic process at an earlier age.

The Coastal Georgia chapter looks to register 2,000 new voters before November.

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