Effingham County Supports their Sheriff

With officer involved shootings and recent ambush attacks on police, controversy has surrounded local law enforcement around the nation.

One community put aside the animosity and showed they support and care about the men and women who wear the badge.

They called it a celebration of the men and women who protect and serve.

That was the goal of a special ceremony in Effingham County Tuesday night.


Almost 200 people came out to honor the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, and the deputies who are on the streets every single day making sure the community is safe.

County Commissioner Vera Jones said she came up with the idea a week ago.

“We came in to watch some tv and the first thing we saw on tv was some police officers down in the street. So right then and there I knew we had to do something,” said Effingham County Commissioner Vera Jones, who organized the event.


A prayer and message of peace from Jones could be heard, signs of support from the gathered crowd seen throughout the area.

Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie says he appreciates the support of everyone in Effingham County.


“We’ve been very successful with our drug operations, real successful with our robberies and crime that has gone on in the county and the community is why we have been. We can’t do our job without our community.”

The community also put their money where their mouth is. In just one week donations totalling $11,000 were collected, and given to the Sheriff’s Office.

That money will help rebuild the Sheriff’s tactical unit and pay for supplies.

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