Savannah Bananas tickets going, going, gone

In its first season, the Savannah Bananas have sold out at least 15 games at Grayson Stadium.

It’s the hottest ticket in town.

All summer long crowds of people have lined up in hopes of securing a ticket to see The Savannah Bananas in its inaugural season.

“From two years old to ninety-two years old, we think we have something for everybody,” President of the The Savannah Bananas Jared Orton said. “Whether that’s dancing on the field, great baseball, or pieing people in the face, music, it’s just a great entertainment experience for people out here.”

With tickets starting at $9, and a team currently in fourth place looking forward to a post-season, more than a thousand have struck out trying to get a seat.

By the end of the season at the beginning of August, Orton expects there to be at least 15 sold-out games.

One fan who has been shut out of a chance to experience the fun is Kim Spelman. She tried for more than a week to get a tickets for her and out-of-town company, but ended up with nothing.

“There’s a ton of people who are wanting to come to the games that just aren’t able” Spelman said. “If you don’t jump on them when the emails or the Facebook posts come out, you don’t get tickets.”

Spelman was able to secure her spot for the August 4th game.

For this season, Orton doesn’t plan to change anything to accommodate the shut-out fans with additional seating or viewing venues.

“We don’t have any T.V. or radio deals tight now, but yeah it might be something we look at to get more people involved. Next year we hope to have a few more games to the schedule,” Orton said.

In the meantime, after Wednesday night, there are three games left in the regular season, and two are already sold-out.

Tickets can be purchased on the team’s website.



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