Georgia Power to Close some Offices, where can you still pay?

Some of you will need to change the way you pay your electric bill about mid-October.  That’s when Georgia Power will be closing a number of offices statewide.

In Savannah, the building at 28 Abercorn downtown will remain open for staff but customers may no longer pay a bill there.

The Georgia Power location at 12016 Abercorn on Savannah’s south side will be the only location owned by the utility where customers can make payments in person as usual.

John Kraft with Georgia Power says the utility is responding to changing customers patterns in terms of how people make payments.  He says now about 50 percent of customers now utilize some type of electronic payment method.

Kraft says in the Savannah coastal area district, the offices that will remain open are the Savannah south side location, an office in Statesboro and an office Brunswick.

He also says despite the closure of facilities(which will include some loss of jobs) that customers still have options if they want to pay their bill in person.  We will be expanding our network of authorized payment locations or APLs across the state from 2,700 to 5,300 locations by the end of the year. These are places like grocery stores, pharmacies- where many of our customers are shopping already,”  said Kraft.

Those locations include Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Bi-Lo and some Walgreens.  There are 24 of those locations in Chatham County and Kraft says there will be some additional locations by the end of the year.

For those who want to pay at an APL, there is a charge of about $1.50 to do that.  Kraft says that goes to the “third party” that processes the payment, not to Georgia Power.  He does say that payment is posted promptly so for someone facing a disconnect, the payment should go through relatively quickly.

You can also pay your bill by phone directly to Georgia Power but that costs about $2.00 to do that.

The fees may not set well with some customers, but Georgia Power seems to be following the way of a number of other businesses.

For those who want to continue to pay in person and to do so for free – you can still send your payment in the mail or go to the Savannah Southside location or the office in Statesboro or Brunswick.

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