Pink hair warrior training

Savannah just gained a few more women to connect people with breast health information.
These hair stylists are training as Lay Health Advisors at Susan G. Komen in Savannah.
The class teaches breast cancer basics including signs and symptoms, risk factors, and local resources.
Role playing helps empower these women.
Pink Hair Warrior Founder Thea Jenkins lives to save lives because a simple message saved her.

“Another hair stylists with a late night text sent it to a group of us and I received the text, and that’s what saved my life.  And you know as stylists clients they confide in us so we’re like little small celebrities in their life.  They tell us a lot of things.  So I figure why not empower women behind the seat of the chair about the awareness of breast cancer.”
While they are not experts, training prepares them to start the conversation and educate their hair clients about early detection.
“They also taught us in there how to kind of break down barriers on people with how to get them get their mammograms and educate them even if they are shielded,” explains Tereza Vincitorio
Interested in the free Pink Hair Warrior training call Komen of Coastal Georgia at (912) 232-2535.

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