Odell winner in District 5 primary runoff

CHATHAM CO. – (WSAV) – Tabitha Odell won 60-percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary runoff election for the Chatham County District 5 seat. Incumbent Yusef Shabazz received 39-percent of the vote.

The runoff came as a result of the May primary where Odell, Incumbent Shabazz, and Shaundra Smith-McKeithen were vying for the 5th district seat. Odell did take more of the popular vote in that election, but tells News 3 she was nervous heading into the runoff.

“Of course I was worried I am running against an incumbent, it’s hot, they were estimating a very low turnout, so it’s natural to be nervous and apprehensive so I was a little, but I was hopeful and excited.”

Odell served briefly on the commission back in 2012 taking over for her husband now judge Harris Odell.

“My goals for the 5th district has been unity I want to make sure that I am a representative of all of the people within the district, that everyone knows that they matter, I want to be able to funnel opportunities and monies into the district I look forward to working with the commission being a team member as well as being a strong advocate for my district,” Mrs. Odell adds.

Odell will head into the November general election uncontested for the 5th commission district in Chatham County.



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