Man accused of punching, kicking niece over Pokemon Go surrenders

Kalada Fubara

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A man accused of attacking his niece over Pokemon Go has surrendered to Cranston police.

According to Chief Michael Winquist, Kalada Fubara turned himself in Tuesday and is expected to be arraigned on unspecified charges.

Fubara, 44, is accused of punching his 22-year-old niece, pulling her out of her car and kicking her in the rib cage while she was on the ground, according to police.

Police said the incident happened over the weekend at a Pokemon ‘gym’ on Wellington Avenue – a virtual room represented by a real-life location. Police said Fubara invited his niece to come to the gym but didn’t want her to go inside.

“Mr. Fubara indicated he was upset that she had entered this ‘room’ without his permission,” said Sgt. David Jubinville. “She indicated to him it was really a game and he became infuriated by this comment.”

Jubinville also noted that Fubara’s girlfriend and her two children were sitting in the car at the time. Police said he later punched his niece again about 20 minutes later when she refused to take back what she said.

Fubara’s niece was treated at Rhode Island Hospital for bruises and hair loss and has since been released.

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