‘Splash Fest’ quenches thirst of summer

Kids of all ages learned about the importance of water at Splash Fest at the Savannah Children's Museum.

With temperatures continuing to climb in the area, the importance of water cannot be stressed enough.

On Saturday hundreds flocked to the Savannah Children’s Museum for the 4th annual “Splash Fest.”

Since the children’s museum is completely outside, the setting was prime for kids of all ages to learn about the importance of water, all while having fun.

Sponge Races, a dunking booth, an interactive “gene pool,” sprinklers, a booth teaching about environmental safety, and more were made available for kids to play and explore while staying cool in the heat.

One popular interactive exhibit highlighted the vitality of Terrapin Turtles. Visitors could touch a baby turtle and listen as caretakers spoke about the importance of the turtles and how many are being killed in the local area.

“We have wild life all around that’s why we have so many wildlife places here today because the conservation and the preservation of our water ways is key for Savannah,” Education Specialist for the Coastal Heritage Society, Shannon Marquette said.

The next large event for the museum is a Halloween ‘Frogwarts’ taking place in October.

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