Savannah Youth City enters second week of “Ignite Change” Campaign

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – A group of young people have been hitting the pavement in neighborhoods throughout Savannah to share a positive message.

A cookout and dance party along East Broad street and Oglethorpe Avenue is one of many Savannah Youth City events a part of its campaign to better Savannah’s impoverished neighborhoods.

“We are not out here to say end violence, go to school or get a job just to say that we are family, this is your community, know your community, we are out here to say we love you and want to help in any way we can,” says SYC youth coordinator Tristian Ervin.

It”s that message of love and togetherness at the center of SYC’s “Ignite Change” campaign that has already gathered some followers.

“I have a few ladies out with me today who are actually from Tatemville, when we went to Tatemville and they’ve been following us the past two days just to be out and to be in a more positive environment.”

IGNITEFrom west Savannah to Tatemville or Blackshear, the campaign provides food aid, voter registration assistance as well as overall fellowship with neighbors.

“We want to by the time we get to wherever we are next Friday, we want people from all over the city, all over the city.”

This marks its third year. Ervin says now more than ever people of all ages in Savannah’s most struggling neighborhoods should turn to a positive message to ignite change in improving their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

“The main thing is to come out and to get the positive message to get the bond and to actually be around your fellow community.”


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