Savannah Downtown Neighborhood leaders hand out light bulbs for crime prevention

SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) – Neighborhood leaders want homeowners across Savannah to light up their homes in a city wide effort to deter crime and brighten neighborhoods.

“I do think it is definitely a crime deterrent,” says Downtown Neighborhood Association president Melinda Allen.

Melinda Allen and the downtown Savannah neighborhood association want neighbors to shine a light on preventing crime.

“We did a ride along with our local precinct captain and we noticed some lights were burnt out some of the big street lights there were shrubs that needed to be trimmed, but one of the things we really noticed was how few residents were leaving their porch lights on at night,’ Allen says.

To fix that the association partnered with the Metro police downtown precinct, Phillips electric and The Home Depot to hand out hundreds of led light bulbs.

“Living in the city makes me feel a little nervous, but this is going to make me feel better,” says Paige Elmore who recently moved to the area.

It’s a small light in the dark that Allen says will not only give peace of mind for homeowners and their neighbors, but hopefully prevent more crime in Savannah.

“When you have dark spots there are places for people to hide, potential criminals and lighting up these areas , we reduce the opportunistic crime that can occur,” says Allen.

“We’re going to put it in the front of our house. we are brand new to our neighborhood so you hope that things are safe and secure but it’s always nice to come home to a nice brightly lit area so that you’re not having to worry about what’s around the corner,” Elmore says.

The downtown neighborhood association also took time out during the light bulb giveaway to let people know about national night out a nationwide event bringing law enforcement and the community together. That’s going to happen August 2nd.

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