How to break through a hot, locked car with kid inside

Know the tools you need.

Savannah, Ga (WSAV) – Every summer we hear about tragedies of children trapped in hot cars.
This year in the United States, 16 have died. As soon as you close the door, the temperatures start to climb and each minute it becomes more and more dangerous.
This nightmare can happen to even the best of parents—so knowing how to help is key.
An ordinary girls’ day out for Jennifer Miotto and her daughter Eva last year turned into one the 35-year-old mom will never forget.
“I hopped out of the car quickly – went to open the door and my door was locked,” Miotto recalled.
Jennifer accidently locked herself out the car–but little Eva was still inside.
It was the middle of summer.
“It was getting hotter, I was seeing her sweating,” Miotto said.
Jennifer called her husband who was nearby.
“We tried anything we could find but nothing would work,” she said.
When police arrived, they used a tool to break the window and free Eva, who thankfully, didn’t suffer any injuries.
Bluffton Fire District’s Lee Leveque brought a bunch of tools to show how the everyday person can break into a locked car to rescue a child.
What you think might work- sometimes doesn’t.
“The process is very difficult with a flat head hammer,” Levesque said.
Knowing what does work, though, could save a child’s life.
“Almost every vehicle has an antenna and believe it or not you can break a window with an antenna,” Levesque said.
With a babydoll sitting in the passenger’s side back seat of a car provided by Morris Garage, we worked from the driver’s side to break through.
Pulling back the antenna and popping it onto the window three times shattered it.
That easy…we then had enough of a hole to unlock the door.
Then we moved on to a small tool called a hole punch, which at a hardware store is about $5-$15.
Sticking it through the window was easy. Three punches and the window was broken.
Jennifer and her husband now carry something similar in every car.
And as of this year South Carolina law now protects her from a lawsuit if she uses it to help free someone caught in the misery she knows about first hand.
“I wished at the time we had something that would have worked,” Miotto said.
The South Carolina law passed in February. Georgia Senate introduced a bill on the issue of liability. It passed there but the House couldn’t agree. If you feel you should get involved, know you could foot the bill of the damage to the car. Bottom line, call 911.

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