Former Yemassee police chief laid to rest

Former Yemassee Police Chief Jack Hagy was laid to rest at Beaufort National Cemetery on Wednesday, after the funeral procession through the town he served for more than 30 years. Those who worked with him described him as a community man who loved family and community.

Current Chief Greg Alexander worked with Hagy for 15 years.

“He decided to hire me. He gave me my first chance in law enforcement,” Alexander said.

“It was a good time. We always encouraged one another. A lot of times, we’d be going through things whether be with the town or personal life, and we could call each other on the phone and talk to each other,” he said.

Hagy retired little more than a year ago, in May 2015. “The good part about all this is the support I’ve been given from the community, and I appreciate that,” he told NEWS 3.

Alexander says he had a massive heart attack over the weekend.

Yemassee Mayor Jerry Cook remembers the friend he had in Hagy.

“Jack was a wonderful individual. He loved this community, took care of everybody around here. He was straight up, no matter what walk of life he would treat you the same,” Cook said.

Police say the greatest lesson he taught them was in community policing.

“I can remember he had a routine. Every day he would stop by the hardware store and get him a pack of crackers, a nab, and a diet coke and he’d sit down there with the old fellas and shoot the breeze, and they appreciated that,” Alexander said.

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