Witnesses in City Market shooting speak to News 3

One injured in City Market shooting

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – We are hearing concerns from Savannah business leaders and locals in the aftermath of another shooting in downtown Savannah.

This one happening in the heart of City Market, sending a Hunter Army Airfield soldier to the hospital. News 3 spoke with a Savannah man who was there.

“Police can only do so much, but when you have someone who is that selfish that will go out and shoot with a hundred people behind just to hit one person I don’t know what you can do for that,” says Taylor McMasters.

The nightlife of downtown Savannah interrupted by gunfire Sunday morning. Metro police and Southside Fire EMS came to aid of a man shot following an altercation along Jefferson street at St. Julian with dozens of people in the area.

McMasters was out with friends when he heard two gunshots and ran towards the scene.

“Really the grace of Savannah came out, there was a man who was trained as an EMT that was in street clothing, jumped up and started taking care of the guy, the police immediately cleared the section out.”

McMasters says first responders did everything they could in reaction to the shooting, but he’s left concerned for why an argument led to gunfire and police could not have stepped in earlier.

“Unfortunately they know how to deal with these things, they know how to deal with a shooting in the middle of City Market,” McMasters adds.

News 3 reached out to business leaders and received this statement from Downtown Business Association president Karen Guinn saying:

“The level of gun violence in this community is unacceptably high. The SDBA will remain tireless in our efforts to support our police department with the tools they need to protect our public safety and to find the violent offenders. We stand with our district attorney’s office to hold these violent criminals accountable for their actions and ensure that justice will be swift and severe. 


We all have a part to play in creating a safe Savannah. If we are going to put an end to the epidemic of gun violence plaguing this community and our Nation, we need to stand together, united in a common purpose. Together we can do something; not by pointing fingers, assigning blame or creating divides, but by standing together and choosing to become part of the solution.”

“I’m considering not going back downtown for a while this is nuts to have to fear for my life going downtown,” McMasters says.

No arrests have been made in the downtown shooting. Anyone with information on this case should call CrimeStoppers at (912) 234-2020 or text CRIMES (274637) using the keyword CSTOP2020. Tipsters remain anonymous and may qualify for a cash reward.

A confidential tip line also is open directly to investigators at (912) 525-3124.

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