Project Inspire invites the community to help ‘Save our Sons’ on Saturday


One week after the slayings of two black men at the hands of police, thousands continue to join together for change at rallies and marches across the nation.

But now, what’s the next step?

News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to a local non-profit that wants to work with the community this weekend to answer that question.

The devastating deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile continue to spur Black Lives Matter marches and rallies throughout the nation.

We had one right here in Savannah—and while demonstrators walked peacefully with heavy hearts and mixed emotions, Rashamod Torrance says he doesn’t want the journey for change to end here.

“It’s good to march and rally and protest…but what’s going to be the action after that, you know? And lots of times, nobody really wants to step up. We’re going to put everything together, we’re going to put our voices out for one day—but after is when the real work begins.”

Torrance says he plans to get started by hosting the event, Save Our Sons.

“It’s going to be an innovative and creative initiative that project inspire has created to get the community to come together. With everything that’s currently going on in our nation, it’s extremely important that we pay attention. But we also need to give that same energy to our local community.”

The Executive Director of the local non-profit, and a dad himself, says he wants to use the event to map out the next step to making Savannah and the world a better place for everyone to live…especially our children.

“We’re going to hit on issues that people are afraid to talk about. All of the discussions and topics that people shy away from, that’s what we want to talk about so we can get to the root of these issue. [And] Then we can plant the seeds throughout the community so that we can get everything going in the right direction.”

A direction he hopes will lead to the creation of measurable solutions.

“We’re turning our anger into action. All the anger and frustration that you have, we think that it’s extremely important that we come together and you voice whatever your reasons are, your opinions are—and then from there we find out as people what do we want. Because everybody can say what’s not happening, but not enough people, are saying what needs to happen.”


Save our Sons [Event Information]

Saturday, July 16th

EOA Banquet Room

618 W. Anderson Street

Savannah, Ga.

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


To learn more about Project Inspire, click here:

Click here to visit the Project Inspire Facebook page:

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