Local Delegates prepare for Republican National Convention atmosphere

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV-TV) – We are less than three days away from thousands descending on Cleveland, Ohio for the Republican national convention.

Earlier this week we spoke with Lowcountry delegates and News 3 is also hearing from those who will be representing Chatham county and other parts of southeast Georgia.

“While it will be a little crazy, I am confident that this convention will be one of the best conventions that the republican part has ever had,” says 18-year-old William Carter who will represent the 1st District of Georgia at the convention alongside two other delegates.

Carter and Jeanne Seaver are two of thousands heading to Cleveland to act as delegates for the republican national convention.

“I am going to witness history,” says Seaver who punched her ticket to Cleveland as an at-large statewide delegate chosen alongside 43 others.

“It’s great to see such energy and vigor in the people which I think will be a great asset to the party in the days to come,” Carter adds.

We’ve followed Carter’s story since the beginning with him being one of the youngest delegates the state has ever sent to the convention. It was a bumpy road though getting there with the Chatham county delegation sitting strong for Senator Ted Cruz early in the election process, but now he says that he’s ready to vote for who primary voters selected last march.

“We are united as one and we are100% behind Trump and we are going to do everything we can to unify together and it’s very exciting,” Seaver says.

“Like a lot of others, he might not be my favorite, he might not be my first choice, but I do believe that it is better than the alternative and I also believe that we need to be unified,” adds Chris Papierz who will apart of the 12th District delegation.

Chris Papierz was already on the road when he spoke to News 3 adding that it’s a 14 hour car ride from his home in Coffee County. All three will be going to their first national convention and are certain it will mark history.

“I think this will be historic and because of Trump’s background and everything I think it will be a little bit different, I think there will be a little more hype involved in this and there will be more attention the convention this year,” Papierz adds.

We plan to follow these local delegates on and off the convention floor. the GOP national convention will go on from Monday the 18th through Thursday the 21st.

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