‘Fresh Free Fridays’ offers free food to residents

Everybody Eats Fresh Free Fridays offers free food to local families

Friday morning volunteers and workers from across Savannah gathered together to help lighten the burden of meal time.

“Everybody Eats Fresh Free Fridays” took its mission to the Curtis V. Cooper health clinic along with the collaboration of the YMCA of Coastal Georgia.

‘Fresh Free Fridays,’ has been around for more than five years but this was the first Friday at Curtis V. Cooper in order to provide free food to local families in need. People were able to get two bags of food per household.

“We were happy to see these people.  And the girl said, come on over and you can have some free food today,” Juanita Bradley said. Bradley, mother of two, stumbled upon the food drive.

“We’re very happy to have this surplus food today because all of the families in need and we need it just as well, ” Bradley said.

Bradley and nearly 20 percent of Georgians are considered “food insecure,” meaning that people don’t know where their next meal would come from each day.

1,600 pounds of food came from Second Harvest food bank. The event worked as a “first come, first serve” basis. Hillary Bradbury works with the YMCA of Coastal Georgia and is impressed with how environmentally efficient the event ran in its entirety.

“This is food that is available, the fresh produce [from Second Harvest], especially over the weekend, they don’t have storage and so we are able to get that and bring it here just to provide that to the community,” Bradbury said.

People do not need to show any sort of identification and the whole event is based on the honor system.

The goal of Everybody Eats Fresh Free Fridays is to bring all people to the table when it comes to healthy eating.

Curtis V. Cooper, located on East Broad Street, and the YMCA Coastal Georgia will host a “Fresh Free Friday” every third Friday of the month.

The next event will be August 19.


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