How heat and humidity can affect asthma and allergy sufferers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Summer is here, which often means heat, haze and humidity. For people with lung issues, triple-H weather can make it difficult to breathe.

When you get hot, your metabolism speeds up and your body temperature rises, causing your body to work harder to keep you feeling comfortable.

Dr. Helfand of the Family Care Medical Center in Springfield says “When its really hot and your having trouble with your breathing, you just have to back off a bit. And limit the amount of exercise you do.”

For the elderly, muggy weather can cause a heat stroke. West Springfield’s Director of Public Health Jeanne Galloway, told 22News, that seniors should stay indoors where it’s air-conditioned on exceedingly hot days, “Come to the senior center, or the library or even town hall, for maybe an hour or so. Give yourself a chance to cool off. Longer if you need to.”

Dr. Helfand says although children are more resilient than seniors, they should still drink plenty of fluids. He also recommends people with allergies take an allergy pill before you experience symptoms.

Experts recommend to stay in cool places and wait to exercise until after the sun goes down. Avoiding alcohol can also help prevent dehydration.

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