Georgia among most expensive for energy rates

Savannah, Ga. (WSAV) – It can be tempting! As the heat rises–you want to crank up that AC to get some relief.
But then you get the electric bill–and boy does that burn, too!
As much as it hurts to see the price climb, we do have a tendency to run to that thermostat in the heat of the moment.
But according to Wallethub, Georgia is really paying for the comfort.
“You’ve got a lot of humidity, a lot of heat -you see peak rates really pick up in the summer time,” Old Coast Heating & Air’s Zachary Friedman said.
Georgians are paying an average of $328 for energy. That’s the fifth highest in the nation.
Friedman said he tries to educate customers on ways to lower their energy usage.
“If you don’t have a fully insulated envelope, there’s really no point in cooling it,” he said.
Friedman suggests have an energy assessor visit your house…they have tools that track down where you’re using energy you shouldn’t.
It might sound like a no-brainer- but you’d be surprised how many people pay more simply because they don’t change their air filter regularly.
It should be every 30 days but if you have pets or lots of dust… toss the dirty one even sooner.
Not only can it make your system work harder-it will cause a lot of damage to the machine.
The newer- hip ways to save take a little investment upfront.
Friedman supplies solar panels for customers wanting to make their own energy-
among the perks- a tax credit.
“That combined with the fact they’re just really cool,” Friedman said.
Another cool thing that’s won him over- the smart thermostat.
“You can program it to different seasons and different times of the day to how you want it,” he said.
Let’s not forget all the energy you use in the kitchen and laundry room.
Try to wait and run the dishwasher at night.
Skip cooking with the oven and make it a dinner straight from the grill outside.

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