After Dallas, police departments face continued threats

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Municipal Police Association Mitch Slaymaker remembers his days on patrol and when suspects regularly claimed they would kill.

“They’re always the same,” said Slaymaker. “You’re bringing them into custody, into jail, and they begin threatening your wife, your kids, your life.”

KXAN found several court records detailing cases where suspects were charged with threatening Austin Police officers. In one case, documents state an officer was arresting a suspect who said he would shoot the officer with a shotgun and “spray [him] with an AK”.

Another man under arrest for burglary told an officer he would kill him and went on to say, “I will kill all of your family. I am not… kidding,” according to the records. Both were charged with felonies.

“You simply can’t do that for an officer just doing their job,” said Slaymaker.

He says what’s less common is the kind of threat APD recently received: a threat at a specific time and place and against many officers. The threat, posted to Twitter, threatened to kill officers on Sixth Street Wednesday night.

He believes those kinds of threats aren’t normal, but are on the rise.

“[TMPA] received a voicemail threatening that what happened in Dallas could happen here to our executive director for comments much like what we’re talking about here today,” said Slaymaker.

Slaymaker says people are believing what he called false rhetoric and rushing to judgment about police officers.

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