Pokemon Go: How to ‘catch ’em all’ safely


Pokemon Go — it’s the latest app smartphone app that has millions pressing the download button.

It may seem like just another harmless app, but it’s been leading a lot of its users into unexpected places and even getting some into some trouble.

Two young brothers in Oregon found a loaded gun while they were using the the app to find the virtual creatures. In California, parents were shocked to find out that the game was leading some young players to a rehab facility for sex offenders.

In Savannah, there haven’t been any reports of any dangerous incidents involving the game, according to Savannah-Chatham Metro Police.

But Dana Purvis, a Corporal and member of the SCMPD Crime Prevention Unit, says the police department wants to help keep it that way.

“I just encourage people to be aware of their surroundings when they do play the game. And if they’re going to play at night, which I do not recommend…but if they do, be in groups. It’s a scavenger hunt and most scavenger hunts are done together with other people. Make sure you know who you’re playing the game with and know where you are, because it can lead into different areas that you’re not familiar with.”

Here are a few other helpful suggestions to help keep gameplay safe with friends, family and children:

-Make sure there’s at least one responsible adult to chaperon the group of kids as they go on their journey to catch all of the Pokemon.

-Don’t forget to look up! (You don’t want to run into any poles, trees, or walls!)

-And although the creators of the app say it does work in cars moving 20 MPH or less, police urge you not to “Pokemon Go” and drive.

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