Lowcountry RNC delegates ready for Cleveland, talk RNC hopes

Delegates heading to Cleveland for the RNC from the Lowcountry are Karen Wyld and Sen. Tom Davis.

With just days left before Republicans convene in Cleveland, delegates heading to the Republican National Convention (RNC) from the Lowcountry spoke with NEWS 3 on how they believe things will go and if Donald Trump can be stopped from becoming their presidential nominee.

Among the 2,472 delegates to the RNC 2016 will be Jasper County resident Karen Wyld and the state senator from Beaufort, Tom Davis. Each says they will back whomever gets the GOP presidential nomination.

“Barring something which I can’t foresee right now, it’s very likely that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee after the convention,” Davis says.

“I know that there is some little movement that’s trying to stop him, but at this point I don’t think that’s possible,” Wyld says.

Davis says Trump was never his favorite candidate. “I wasn’t a Donald Trump supporter initially, or even secondly or thirdly. I was a Rand Paul supporter. I believe in that direction of the Republican Party, less state involvement in people’s lives, individual liberty,” he says.

However, he says it’s only fair Trump gets the nomination from South Carolina delegates, given his primary victory in the state.

“Under the rules, he is entitled the South Carolina delegation vote and so, that’s how it’ll go down next week,” Davis says.

Wyld says she supports Trump, predicting him winning the general election in November, over Hillary Clinton.

“I support trump. I support anybody who will keep Hillary out of the White House,” she says.

Davis says he can’t predict the outcome of the general election, because too much time remains between now and then, and that voters could be swayed by a number of issues. He adds to that, his belief that there’s more at stake at the RNC, aside from who gets the nomination.

“It’s also to decide upon a platform, to figure out what are the principles and what are the things that the Republican Party stand for,” he says.

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