Covert Prepares For Council Seat

Mike Covert isn’t cooling his heels until January, he says he’s already met most of his fellow County Council members and county staff to discuss the issues facing his constituents.

“Over the next six months, there’s a lot of stuff but the biggest thing is for me to just be a sponge, and learn as much as I can, so when January comes I don’t have a long learning curve.”

He says some of the biggest concerns for when he takes office are infrastructure, smart growth, and building technology.

“Infrastructure as far as technology, fiber technology, communications is a really key, important issue for me. We are very behind where we should be at 2016, for such a developed area a progressed area, our communications is very  lacking,” Covert said.

But he says the biggest thing he hopes to change is County Council itself, which has recently been plagued with in-fighting amongst members. He says rebuilding relationships is key to county progress.

“You have to be able to talk to people, we’re not all going to agree on everything. but you have to be able to talk to come to a compromise for the betterment of the whole. And understand that what is good for here in Bluffton or Hilton Head is also good for other parts of the county and vice versa.”

Covert says he also welcomes suggestions and questions from residents hoping that together we can build a better Beaufort County.

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