SC hasn’t changed much one year after removal of Confederate flag at SC State House

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Today marks the one year anniversary of the Confederate flag being removed from the South Carolina State House grounds.

However, the flag is still a very visible symbol in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach NAACP President Mickey James says he has seen only some change over this past year.

“I think it hasn’t been a pretty significant difference. But it has sent some good positive views throughout the community,” said James. “The fact is that we are moving forward as a state.”

James says while our state has moved forward, to him, seeing Confederate flag merchandise in Myrtle Beach is an ugly reminder of the past.

Take a walk down Ocean Boulevard and you will see several stores selling Confederate flag t-shirts, license plates and other merchandise.

Darrell Kimrey works at one of those stores. He says he sells between eight and twelve Confederate flag items a day and does not think the flag coming down caused much change.

“It’s not going to stop anything. Rebel flags, you’re going to see them walking up and down all day long,” said Kimrey.

Other people on Ocean Boulevard said the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism, it is a symbol of American history.

James added that he understands some people think that way, and would like to see the State House Confederate flag in a museum.

“I appreciate history. I appreciate all history, Confederate and American history. I appreciate all history but at the same time I don’t embrace anything that’s going to cause people to go against one another,” added James.

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