Savannah man reminds drivers “Love Matters”

Groups of local Savannah residents stand on busy street corners reminding drivers that, above all, Love Matters.

SAVANNAH, Ga. – If you’re driving through Savannah’s busiest intersections these days, you may miss people waving and holding up card board signs.

It’s the simple message on those signs, that one man doesn’t want you to miss: Love Matters.

Ish Muhammad, 22, deeply moved by the recent deaths around the country decided to do something after seeing a friend post about a two word proclamation.

“Pretty much woke up and made a sign that said, ‘Love Matters’ on it.”

For a week he and 20 members of his friends and family have been creating signs that read, “Love Matters,” “Love,” “#NewSavannah” and other. The group stations themselves around the busiest parts of Savannah for drivers to see, think, and honk.

Muhammad says the goal is unity.

“Black lives matter, right? It’s common sense. All lives matter, that’s commons sense. Blue lives matter, that’s common sense right. But to say it, any individual person that says it is going to make the latter feel some type of way,” Muhammad said.

He says ‘Love Matters’ offers a different way.

“Honestly love is the only thing that can conquer hate.”

The feedback to the signs he says has been tremendous, especially one woman’s response.

“She pulled over, got out and said, “Hey, you gotta sign that I could hold it up?” And she stood out there for hours,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad said he doesn’t want to organize “Love Matters” too much because he sees a bigger opportunity.

“It’s something that I don’t want to be that, ‘I have to find him to do it.’ No, you can go wherever you are, make your own sign, stand there, just do it on your own,” Muhammad said.

While Muhammad makes his living as a musician, for now, he’s finding music in streets thanks to the symphony of honking and cheering.

When asked where the Love Matters signs are headed next, Muhammad said with a smile, “Just have to wait.”

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