Bluffton Holds Prayer Vigil for Victims, Police

It was a moment of prayer, reflection, and community spirit Sunday night in Bluffton as dozens gathered at a prayer vigil to honor this weeks victims. Many Bluffton Police officers were present at the event, and organizers took time to honor their service, and ask we continue to support them.

“What happened over the last week was tragic, but it didn’t take that tragedy over the week to support us. This community has supported us from day one. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t go into a restaurant or go into a business that I’m not thanked for my service,” said Major Joseph Manning.

The goal of the event was to spread a message of unity and love, two things that Mayor Lisa Sulka says define the town and its people..

“We all really have this love for each other,  I guess that the sad thing is is that we all really are on the same page, how do we stay together when all the evil that will never come here, when they act, how do we stay gelled.”

For event organizer, Bridgette Frazier, its not just about this week, its about moving forward as a united community.

“What came out of this week, we saw a lot of bitterness, but for me I saw on my page a lot of open communication, a lot of open dialogue, it wasn’t always comfortable, for some people it got uncomfortable, but if you allow yourself to feel, uncomfortable, then that means we’re making some type of progress,” Frazier said.

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